Knitting With Dog Hair book

08 Feb 2016 books

Although the listing for this book on Amazon has the slightly worrying blurb “Learn to recycle Rover into beautiful garments and accessories” the authors are thankfully only talking about collecting your dogs hair while you groom it, and nothing more sinister.

The contents show the book comes complete with coverage of such essential topics as collecting your pets hair, preparing it for spinning and then spinning the yarn, and even - if you’re not happy with your dogs natural colour - dyeing it and with a list of projects to complete such as “Golden Retriever Scarf”.

Naturally, the somewhat unconventional strategy of (seriously) using your dogs hair to knit into a nice warm jacket or whatever, has gotten a few reviews from people who have mined the subject for its comic potential.

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The Banana Slicing Gadget

10 Jan 2016 food gadgets

With currently over five thousand reviews, mostly comedic, it seems as if this must be the most popular banana slicing gadget on the planet.

The product notes claim it is faster than using a knife, and that it gives you the ability to “slice your banana with one quick motion” like some sort of banana slicing ninja.

Of course, its simply a piece of yellow plastic in the shape of a banana with crossbars down the length that you can press down on a banana.

Obviously, as most people have managed to survive all their life by slicing their bananas with a knife or whatever when necessary, the funny reviews on Amazon are all about how this nifty gadget has “changed their lives”.

There are so many great reviews that you can easily spend a few hours reading some of the more outrageous infomercial style testimonials to its effectiveness.

There’s even over five hundred largely tongue in cheek questions and answers about how it works, and what you can use it with.

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The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America

15 Dec 2015 books

The sheer absurdity of a book seemingly devoted to abandoned shopping carts in “Eastern North America” has attracted quite a few wits giving their opinions on the work on Amazon.

Filled with photographs of carts ditched in random places from woodland to roadsides, alongside a classification system for the different “types” of carts, it promises to be a “A Guide to Field Identification”.

Not having read the book, just the reviews (life is too short for spending time learning more about the varieties of shopping trolleys sadly cast aside), hopefully it’s a work of satire and not a serious treatise, although with such devotion to the project, the author would be taking the art of leg pulling to a whole new level.

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Sugar Free Gummy Bears

19 Nov 2015 food

The reviews for this product are for fans of potty humor only.

The sweetener being used in place of normal sugar in these gummy bears can cause digestive distress, and the reviewers pull no punches about the problems they have allegedly suffered as a result.

Despite multiple warnings in the product description of possible “stomach discomfort” and the chance of a “laxative effect” and that it “can cause intestinal distress if eaten in excess” most of the comments are about the digestive consequences of overeating these delicious gummy treats.

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How to Avoid Huge Ships Book

12 Nov 2015 books

Another winner of the Bookseller Prize for the Oddest Title of the Year (yes, thats an actual, real award), How to Avoid Huge Ships by Captain John W Trimmer was originally self published but, thirty-plus years later, has become a firm favorite with Amazon reviewers with over 500 reviews. The cult status of the book has led to triple digit prices from sellers too.

Obviously most of the landlubber reviewers are unlikely to need the wisdom of the good Captain on avoiding oncoming freighters and other large seagoing vessels, but their opinions on when they have found the book useful are worth a good chuckle or two.

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